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Gladiator (2000)
General Maximus was strong and brave throughout the Roman Empire. He led the legions, and won a victory that made him a living legend and a true leader, whom the Roman legionaries without any doubt gave their lives in battle. However, Maximus, undefeated in battle the strongest warrior and military leader, was powerless against the perfidious intrigues of the imperial court. Other generals had betrayed him, and the result of their evil plan became a terrible shame: Maximus survived, but was captured and turned into gladiators.
Now he has to fight for life and death in the arena of the Roman Colosseum to entertain the audience and bloody murders. Maximus has not lost his fighting skills, soon becomes a popular gladiator and finds the love of the public, and it's not like his enemies, to which the Emperor himself. Now Maximus will battle on the arena of the Colosseum with the arch-enemy who will stop at nothing to get rid of the former general.