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Gone in Sixty Seconds

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
To save the life of his brother, Randall Raines, known as "Memphis", returns to his hometown. He - a specialist capable to hijack any vehicle for a few seconds. His brother, a first-class car thief machines took an order for stealing 50 cars and could not do it. Customer Raymond Calitri not hear of compensation, but is ready to transfer the execution of the order Memphis. Randall is in a difficult situation: he must choose between saving the life of his brother and mother according to the promise of no longer engaged in car theft.
In addition to steal 50 cars in one night alone can not afford even Memphis. Therefore, it is establishing old ties and looking for thieves who can help him. So - it was night, and the operation began. Group works quickly and smoothly, but it is impossible to provide for all, when it comes to such a number of machines. The latter delivered to the customer with a delay of a few seconds, but it was enough that he had reason to consider the deal broken, and now death has threatened Memphis.