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The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) Stephen King
Genre: Crime, Drama.
Released: 1994.
Director: Frank Darabont.
Andy Dufresne was convicted of a double murder he did not commit and sent to jail. The place of his life in prison became Shawshank - the legendary prison from which escape is impossible. In prison, Andy faced with the reality that was previously unknown to him, the world in which the rules only force and violence. He was vice president of a large company and used to be guided by the voice of reason, therefore, to adapt to the new conditions extremely difficult.
Dufresne, however, can not save a human or even find a good friend - a prisoner by the name of Red, the man who is able to get anything on the order Redemption inhabitants. Andy orders a portrait of Rita Hayworth and set to work on the stone, as a hobby - it's the only thing that can somehow distract the person who received a life sentence. Example Andy, who, in spite of everything, remained true to himself and was able to escape, proves that the main thing - in any case not to lose hope.