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The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King 3 (2003)
Brave Hobbits are on the final leg of their outstanding journey. They had to overcome a lot of dangers, having met on their way new acquaintances, who were divided into two warring camps. To the place where it will be possible to destroy the legendary ring is left to move, but this distance will be the most difficult in their lives.Meanwhile, the evil and powerful Sauron gathers all his strength for a decisive throw. Intending to do away with enemy troops with one lightning strike, he calls on hordes of orcs and other horrific creatures. Hundreds of thousands of fighters are forced to the walls of Minas-Tirith, each of whom is ready to meet death in the depths of his soul. After all, after about his exploits will make stories, retelling them by generations.
Waiting for the fight, even the air is saturated with rage and anxiety. Sharpened blades shine in the rays of the rising sun, which no longer seems warm and welcoming. Illuminating the territory that will soon be painted in the purple tones of freshly drawn blood, it is only a bystander, anticipating the bloody denouement of the secular confrontation between good and evil forces. Hope is far behind ...