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Family Guy: Season 21

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Family Guy: Season 21 (2022)
The plot revolves around a typical family, securely settled in the United States. The head of a strange clan is a well-fed citizen named Peter, who does not consider it necessary to monitor his own weight and his actions. He does not differ in exemplary behavior and cannot boast of having a high level of intellectual abilities. A lazy and irresponsible man is married to a self-confident lady Lois. The second half gave him three children.
Peter's wife is a fairly ordinary woman and does not stand out from the crowd. A pretty housewife prefers to enjoy peace and only occasionally reprimands naughty children. In addition to adults and energetic representatives of the younger generation, an anthropomorphic pet nicknamed Brian lives in the house. The dog has a unique character and is considered part of a stupid family. Enterprising and self-satisfied guys boldly destroy any stereotypes and ridicule civilized society without any hesitation.

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