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The Simpsons: Season 34

Habeas Tortoise

The Simpsons: Season 34 (2022)
The Simpsons will never leave their charming town called Springfield, where they lived a happy and carefree life. A resilient man named Homer met his soul mate here and invited her to marry. The wand in love had wonderful heirs. While the father was earning money, his wife Marge was engaged in cleaning, raising children and fighting for the rights of lovely women.
The inquisitive offspring of a married couple do not stop developing and trying something new. Unusually gifted Maggie reveals a lot of talents and boasts an excellent command of firearms. Her sister Lisa has been playing the saxophone since early childhood and is trying to figure out her true desires. The mischievous girls have a rather hooligan brother Bart, who periodically gets into funny stories. The boy is extremely active and full of energy. He has a sociable disposition and with enviable ease acquires good friends.

One Angry Lisa

Lisa the Boy Scout

The King of Nice

Not It

Treehouse of Horror XXXIII

From Beer to Paternity

Step Brother from the Same Planet

When Nelson Met Lisa

Game Done Changed

Top Goon

My Life as a Vlog

The Many Saints of Springfield

Carl Carlson Rides Again


Hostile Kirk Place

Pin Gal

Fan-ily Feud

Write Off This Episode

The Very Hungry Caterpillars

Clown v. Board of Education

Homer's Adventures Through the Windshield Glass