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The Last of Us (TV-Series)

When You're Lost in the Darkness

The Last of Us (TV-Series)
America never set off after a pandemic caused by a mutated cordyceps fungus. People who inhale his spores lose control of themselves and behave like zombies. 20 years after the pandemic, the once most powerful state is scattered throughout the enclaves of survivors. Where order is kept by the military, somewhere cannibals atrocities, in some places expanse for marauders. The Fireflies group is another force that everyone has to reckon with. Its representatives oppose the fact that only the military controlled those settlements where the survivors concentrated. The leaders of the Fireflies are confident that the consequences of the pandemic must be fought, and a vaccine, which has yet to be developed, should help in this.
At the disposal of the "Fireflies" is the girl Ellie, who was found to be immune to the spores of the fungus. However, it is located in Boston, and the universities that have the equipment for the research and production of the vaccine are based in the center of America. To find daredevils who are ready to risk everything in order for humanity to have a ghostly hope for survival is not observed. However, a chain of tragic coincidences leads smuggler Joel Miller to agree to deliver 13-year-old Ellie Williams to the University of Colorado at Boulder. On the way to him, Joel and Ellie are waiting for dozens of unpleasant encounters, dozens of villains and hordes of zombies.


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