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The Blacklist: Season 10

The Night Owl

The Blacklist (Season 10, 2023)
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery.
Released: 2023.
Director: Jon Bokenkamp.
Raymond is a dangerous criminal that almost everyone has heard of. And all sorts of services that exist in this world have been chasing him for a long time. But none of them managed to achieve the desired result. The elusive and insidious criminal continues to be at large, commit his atrocities and enjoy life. While ordinary people fear that they may be the next victim of a criminal.
But no one could have imagined that one day they would receive a call from Raymond himself. He made a statement that he was ready to cooperate with the FBI. But in return, he also wants something to happen. He needs freedom and peace. He no longer wants to run away into hiding and think that at some point he might actually fall into the hands of the police. If they agree, he will give the location of other bandits, who are also on the list of those who need to be put behind bars and isolated from society. But Raymond wants to work with only one employee. And his choice falls on a young and promising girl named Elizabeth. The girl is captured by curiosity and she wonders why the man made a choice in her favor? And she will do anything to find out.

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