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Boston Strangler

Boston Strangler (2023)
Genre: Crime, Drama, History.
Released: 2023.
Director: Matt Ruskin.
USA, 60s. For a long time, Boston was considered quite quiet and comfortable for the life of an ordinary law-abiding citizen. But recently, local residents began to discuss with horror the death of another woman, strangled by an unknown madman. The police desperately tried to find the villain in the shortest possible time, but the case did not move forward, and there was catastrophically little evidence. The number of victims steadily increased, the public was worried. Then the law enforcement officers decided by any means to keep silent about the number of victims and the course of the ongoing investigation. What made the townspeople even more nervous.
Loretta McLaughlin was a talented journalist and loving mother who took care of her young son. Initially, she was engaged in writing simple articles for a fashion news column, but after the appearance of a mysterious maniac, she wanted to find out his personality. And instantly faced with sexism and harsh attempts by the authorities to prevent wider publicity. The main character had suspicions that officials were hiding from people important information about the monster that instilled fear in the city. But she did not stop working on his capture, clearly realizing the mortal danger to her own life.