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Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear (2023)
The crash of a plane with powerful drug dealers in the Georgia woodlands has led to a series of unpredictable and horrifying incidents. While the police were looking for victims of the accident and trying to correctly determine the place of the crash, the local predator was the first to find traces of the presence of representatives of the criminal world.
Having discovered a bag of cocaine that had accidentally fallen out, a hungry black bear tried to satisfy his hunger in this way. The find did not guarantee a special satiety, but it caused negative changes in the state of the predator. Having lost control of his mind, he turned into a ruthless killing machine, destroying everything in his path.
Knowing nothing about what was happening, tourists planned to have a good time in nature. But soon they had to get involved in an involuntary battle for salvation, doing everything possible to confront a powerful and unpredictable opponent. They had to flee alone, passing information about what was happening in the area to professional rescuers. But it turned out to be almost impossible to achieve what was planned, given the increasing aggression of the monster and the obvious inequality of forces between opponents.