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Little Dixie

Little Dixie (2023)
Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller.
Released: 2023.
Director: John Swab.
In the middle of a deal between a notorious drug lord in the underworld and the administration of a corrupt Oklahoma governor, Richard Jeffs foils his adviser's plans and acts as a hero by arresting Juan Miguel Prado, the brother of the cartel boss. He seeks the death penalty, and the perpetrator dies on death row on November 12, 2013. Meanwhile, Jeffs, speaking at a press conference, declares war on the gangs.
He promises his constituents that Lalo will receive the next lethal injection. The protagonist, a former commando, wonders why his friend is sticking his head in a hornet's nest. He asks Billie to talk Richard out of the suicide initiative. However, no words can stop the politician from removing the mask of a hero, a knight in white armor, rushing to help innocent people. The drug boss's second brother kidnaps Doc's only daughter. Upon learning of the tragedy, the father goes to great lengths to save Dixie.