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Superman & Lois: Season 3


Superman and Lois: Season 3 (2023)
Married couple Clark and Lois continue to raise brave sons and save the planet. Lois Lane was an excellent journalist. She gave all her strength to her favorite work, but did not forget about her family. A pretty woman married Clark Kent despite knowing about his alien origin. She fully supported Superman and helped him defend the interests of law-abiding citizens. The lovers had two beautiful children. They grew up and went to school. Jonathan became the captain of the football team. He had many friends. Friendly classmates constantly looked at him. In contrast, Jordan was not particularly popular with his peers. He could not stand up for himself and preferred to sit in his room.
During the parent's absences, the sons constantly missed him. After Grandma Martha's death, they had to pack their bags and move to Smallville. The guys make an interesting acquaintance with the pretty daughter of Lana Lang. Sarah invites them to visit the old barn. Indoors, curious boys discover a spaceship. On it, their father flew to Earth. Soon, Jordan's superpowers begin to wake up. Kent has to tell the guys the truth about himself and his activities.

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