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Ted Lasso: Season 3

Smells Like Mean Spirit

Ted Lasso: Season 3 (2023)
British socialite Rebecca Welton is going through a difficult divorce from her husband - a very wealthy man and the owner of the English football club "Richmond". According to the terms of the agreement, in a divorce, the club passes to Rebecca. Offended by her ex-husband, she decides that this is a great reason to take revenge on him, because the club was his life's work. And she intends to do this as painfully as possible, namely, to ruin the beloved brainchild of the former. She hires a new coach for the club's players - American Ted Lasso. At home, he was known as an excellent American football coach and helped to break into the champions of more than one team. To everyone except Rebecca herself, this seems ridiculous and absurd, but she is adamant. Confident that it would not hurt him to work on another continent, Lasso signs a contract and goes to Britain. However, the difficulties are not long in coming. Before the astonished Ted, a European football team appears, about which the new coach knows nothing.
However, not having the habit of giving up, Lasso still starts training. Ridicule and threats from the press and fans of the club are not long in coming, the situation is heating up every day. But soon both fans and players have to admit that the American coach is not such a simpleton and it seems that he has a plan to return the former greatness to the club.

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