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From: Season 2

Strangers in a Strange Land

From: Season 2 (2023)
The action of the series takes place in an unnamed town, all the inhabitants of which once arrived here from various parts of the United States. We arrived and couldn't leave. Someone has been trapped for a year, and someone for more than ten years and already looks completely morally decomposed. The same thing happens with the Matthews family. Dad, mom and two children tried to drive through the city in their motorhome and could not leave it. After talking with Sheriff Boyd (Harold Perrineau), the Matthews realized that the inability to leave was just one of the troubles. The worst thing happens here every day after sunset.
The supernatural creatures that appear at night look and talk like humans until they get close enough to tear you apart. The only way to stay safe is to lock yourself in after dark, board up the windows and hang the doors with special talismans. It is clear that at first the Matthews will struggle and look for a way out, but what if they fail to do this in the coming months or years? Suddenly it turns out that the resources in the city are limited, there are no more strong houses left, and somewhere in the outskirts, a group of fatalists is hatching their plans for this hot spot, confident that it is better to live one day than like this - in constant expectation of the end?

The Kindness of Strangers


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Forest for the Trees

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