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John Wick: Chapter 4

John Wick 4 (2023)
Due to the fact that his parents abandoned him, instead of a normal childhood, John Wick had a harsh school of survival. The guy was picked up by a group of highly skilled and well-paid assassins who taught the recruit to act according to the code honored for centuries. One of the main rules was the presence of special safe zones where blood was not allowed to be shed.
In subsequent years, the main character acquired a formidable reputation and the nickname "Baba Yaga", with which the bandits frightened their own kind. Only falling in love, he abandoned the bloody craft. However, the beloved soon died, leaving a single photograph in memory. And after that, the son of the boss of the Russian mafia killed Wick's dog, after which the latter went into all serious trouble. The desire for revenge led him into such a jungle that an employee of the Hotel Continental, one of the most protected places, declared the killer excomunicado. This meant that he would no longer feel protected, and his colleagues would begin to hunt him en masse.
The outcast also found true friends. One of them was the head of the Continental, who at a crucial moment betrayed an ally for his own benefit. After being shot at point-blank range, Wick falls from a great height and nearly dies. He is rescued by the "Pigeon King", who has long dreamed of challenging the Rule of the Clans. And John will help him in this.